General Information

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If booking as a group we hope that you know the people that you will be on tour with. If booking as an individual on one of our designated departure dates, you would want to know that Beyond Reach Africa camping tour clientele is normally between 20 to 40 years in age, normally with an equal distribution of the sexes. Although we realise that age is not indicative of an adventurous spirit we can almost guarantee that you will form strong bonds with some of your travelling companions, and your experience will be multiplied for this. We also have much smaller groups, ( 12 being our maximum per group, for charters this is 15) than most overland companies and you will notice the difference. Personal attention and more information are just some of the advantages to you. Along with our scheduled departures our charter and private tours are designed around your group size and interests.


We make use of specially adapted vehicles for our tours to ensure the wheels keep turning and your comfort is ensured. With a combination of Iveco passenger carriers, VW 2.1i reliability, VW2.5 Syncro 4x4 Decoupler Installed power as well as Mercedes Benz Sprinters we can cover all the distances and roads in safety and with the benefit of air conditioning. An adapted trailer takes care of all our luggage and essentials for our expedition.

Here are some of the features:

  • Carry on 25 litre Water Tank
  • Forward facing seats
  • Direct communication with guides
  • Comfortable and easily accessible bag storage
  • Large windows for great game viewing
  • Complete kitchen with table, cooker etc
  • Lazy boy style camping chairs
  • Spare wheels and complete tool kit
  • Comprehensive first aid kit
  • Radio and tape player with cd adaptor
  • Loads of books and games


Our tours are divided into both fully accommodated and camping. Our fully accommodated tours retain all the highlights on the tour but make use exclusively of lodge, B & B and hotel style accommodation. Please contact us for details pertaining to the establishments and cost. Our camping tours make use of two man dome tents with built in mosquito nets and rain sheets for those unexpected rain showers. Most of the campsites ( 98% ) have shower and toilet facilities. Although hot water is not always guaranteed on the Northern routes it is fortunate that a cold shower may be all you will want in the heat.


Participation is on a voluntary basis, the only things we do ask you to do are: Pack your own bags, put up your own tent and wash your own dishes. This really helps all involved, and you'll be surprised how quickly it can all be done with a bit of practice. Our guides are seasoned overland cooks and will do all the cooking for you. However, if you fancy yourself the next Jamie Oliver a little help is always appreciated.

Authority on tour

Our tour leaders have the final say on all matters on tour. This is not a position which they will abuse, but it may happen that due to reasons beyond their control decisions have to be made which could prove unpopular. Please be aware that they do this for a living, and are responsible and knowledgeable enough to not jeopardize your safety or enjoyment in any way.

Travel and medical insurance

Travel and medical insurance is mandatory on all our tours and is your sole responsibility. We reserve the right to disallow you on the tour if this insurance is not present. This may sound like a heavy handed tactic. However, it is imperative to ensuring quality medical treatment can be given in an emergency. We can advise you on requirements and reputable companies. Due to the very nature of touring there is always an element of risk, it is due to this that Beyond Reach Africa requires all our clients to take out Travel and medical insurance. This is covered in detail in the Terms and conditions of the company.

Luggage ( You should pack the following )

Remember that 20kg is your weight limit on tour. That is in one backpack / suitcase and one day pack.

  • 2/3 shorts
  • 1 Jacket
  • 1 Pullover
  • 2 Pairs of long pants or Jeans
  • 2 Pairs of walking shoes
  • Sandals
  • 5 T shirts
  • 1 Smart change of clothing
  • Swimming gear
  • Underwear and socks
  • Broad rim hat (Peak caps are not effective)
  • Raincoat
  • Wrap arounds
  • Toiletries (Towel, facecloth etc.)
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Suntan Lotion (25+)
  • Sunglasses
  • First Aid Kit (We do carry one, but for headaches and minor problems it may be more convenient for you to have your own pills. )


It is the guides who make your tours a success, though it is true that everything doesn't always go right in the middle of Africa. It is these men and woman who are the people who can make a hardship look like a challenge and victory when things go right. All being FGASA ( Field Guides Association of South Africa ) registered, they have the qualifications and theory to do the job. But they have something else. Something that so many other guides lose or never have… a passion… and a joy to share our amazing continent with you. Whether that is pointing out Orion or Scorpio, or teaching you how to find North with an Analog watch, our guides make the difference! And you will be glad they do, because a love for what you do is the only way to ensure that what you do you excel in and make others love.


All our guides are masters at bush cuisine and you can look forward to a balanced and varied diet throughout. Whether they make use of our gas cookers or cooking over the coals we guarantee you will be amazed at what they can whip up. We believe strongly that a good meal is an important factor to ensure your enjoyment. And that is why we spend more on our food budgets than most of the other Tour operators. As a vegetarian we can assure you that your requirements will be catered for. It is worth noting that many a non meat eater has shown interest in Vegetarianism due to the variety on tour. However if you have certain dietary requirements that are unique it may be a good idea to let us know before hand.

What to Expect

The first thing to expect is a smaller group. Having been involved in the industry for several years we realise that most tour operators have just to many people on a tour. So unlike big overland trucks we keep it smaller and limit our groups to 12 people. This ensures personal attention and easier sharing of information. Also a more intimate group structure with less waiting for the other passengers.

We believe that you will walk away with the three F's... FUN, FRIENDSHIP and FANTASTIC MEMORIES. Our tours are designed to maximise time at areas of interest and give you the opportunity to really come into touch with Africa. So we include activities highlighting certain areas, Orange river rafting, guided walks into the Namib desert, school visits and community awareness projects, to name but a few.

See your relevant tour to see what makes us different.

Responsible Touring

The buzz word in the industry and so few operators really understand what it entails. Beyond Reach Africa is committed to the upliftment of the areas we enter and the conservation of the fragile environment to ensure sustained growth and development within our wilderness but not at the expense of the natural balance. It is with this mind set that we hope you join our tours, we leave no evidence of our moving through the areas and do not condone handouts. We are however involved with the continued development of education and primary health care facilities in the impoverished areas of Africa. We support and make use of a number of Community Based Projects En Route so why not join us and give something back to our hosts.