Frequently Asked Questions

How much money do I need?

How much you spend is a very personal choice, however as a guideline you can work at about U$ 10 – 15 per day. This is for snacks and drinks and such, if you do however enjoy a few more beers or cool drinks it could be higher.

Please remember to budget for the odd curios or wood craft which can be picked up at really good prices. Also make use of the optional activities listed in the detailed itinerary of the tours for the costs of those activities.

What currency is needed?

For the Southern Africa tours the South African Rand is all you will need. These areas include Swaziland, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Botswana. Zimbabwe accepts both Rand as well as U$ as easy exchange. As you move further North the U$ is the preferred currency. Please remember to keep denominations small, and post 1995. These areas include Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Malawi, Kenya and Uganda.

Do I have to take Malaria tablets and when should I start?

Malaria tablets are recommended for certain areas that we travel through. Your guide will advise you when to start taking them.

Why are optional activities not included?

Simply to give you the benefit of choosing how you spend your money.

What meals are included?

You will receive three meals a day, except where indicated*. Dinner will always be a cooked meal, breakfast of the continental variety and lunch a mixed bag of taste sensations.Our guides work magic over the fire and stove so be prepared for amazing culinary delights. We believe in serving wholesome meals that far exceed the overland tour average.

What are the dangers?

Dangers are only there when common sense breaks down. Our guides are trained and experienced to deal with situations as and when they occur. Our tours are designed to maximise the African experience and minimise the risk. So relax and enjoy Africa.

P.S. Remember the golden rule: If your guide comes sprinting passed you in the opposite direction...follow him!

Is there entertainment on board?

Of course, all our vehicles are kitted out with a radio / tape and CD adaptor. So bring some music. We also carry books, games and the odd cricket set. And if all else fails our guides can perform the full Monty / Montyess.

Do we tip?

Tipping / gratuities are not included in 98% of the places we go to. For services rendered by local guides and/or translators a tip will be expected. Your guide will advise you.

What equipment is needed?

For full details please see the Before U Leave section. However a small soft satchel bag and day pack are all you will need. No more than 12 kg's.

Most importantly though, bring a sense of adventure and humour along!

What about sleeping bags, mats, tents?

We will provide a two man dome tent made from strong canvass and built in mosquito net. Ground mats and sleeping bags can be hired. We do however recommend you bring your own sleeping bag.

What facilities will we have?

Most of the areas we go to have surprisingly good facilities. South African tours have excellent facilities. But you are always guaranteed of a toilet and shower.

What are the campsites like?

All the campsites are picked for there natural beauty and functionality. Neat, clean and well kept are the easiest ways of describing them.